Vizant Technologies
Philadelphia, PA

Vizant is the nation's only independent payments industry consultancy and advisory firm, working exclusively for organizations that accept payment cards.

Vizant has set the pace for vigilant change by establishing itself as the expert, developing new analytical processes and seven U.S. patents, as well as offering specialty and niche payment consultation and advisory services.

Vizant's sole mission is to analyze, manage, control and reduce the many costs associated with the acceptance of card payments and to ensure its clients' payment card systems operate in the most cost-efficient environment possible.

Vizant's client-centric business model, with unmatched proprietary processes, continues to attract clients seeking independent consulting, real advocacy and proven results.

Vizant's values are rooted in robust independent advocacy for its clients and a meticulous approach, guaranteeing that its clients operate with best practices as to card acceptance and processing, always pledging that they will operate at the lowest possible cost.

Vizant's client list spans across companies and institutions around the corner and around the globe. Its proven track record of success has resulted in its recognition as the premier payments industry consultancy firm.